Isaac Physics

Isaac Physics. Run by Cambridge University for the top of years 11-13, this is a physics and maths “quiz” site. You start by choosing your questions, their difficulty and can filter by concept. Level 1 is pre AS, level 6 is post A2 level. Then you generate the questions which appear in hexagons of topics, colour coded according to maths or physics and they go grey when you answer them correctly.

Each hexagon can have either one or a few questions all linked to that topic and they can be answered in any order (I did wonder if it was a bit of  a Blockbusters type game, sadly no). Some of the questions I have tried have been multiple choice, some have been fill in your own answer. Now, on the few I have tried, the fill in answer is really clever. It wants you to put the numerical answer – to the correct number of significant figures (not sure how accurate this is) – and the unit of measurement. There are also hints for each question.

When you go into a hint where it lists the topics the question covers, they are links to that topic, with extra information being provided under the 6 levels the site uses.

Very useful, if you can sort through the “concepts” and only have relevant questions.



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