Video Entries | UK Space Design Competition

Video Entries | UK Space Design Competition.

Closing Date: Friday 19th Decemeber 2014 at 23:59

Age Range: Years 10-13

The 2014-15 Request for Proposal for the Video Competition is as follows:

15 September 2035
Garden-A-Go-Go, a manufacturer of portable hydroponic eco-systems, is looking to expand beyond hydroponics and has requested designs for a new type of self contained eco-system. These eco-systems are intended to support outpost settlements of up to 50 people with oxygen, and food. The only requirement of their composition is that they not be hydroponic.

Proposals should include full details of how the eco-system will function, with a full breakdown of included organisms and their functions, the expected cycles in the system, and the infrastructure required to support the system at full capacity.

Designs should be presented in the form of a three minute video overview. The company understands that recent solar activity has damaged computer systems throughout the inner solar system, and would therefore like to reassure affected firms that hand-drawn designs will not be penalised in any way.


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