Fun Experiments – Innovative

Fun Experiments – Innovative

I’ve seen this before, and love it! It is so simple and easy to try out, too. Because even though the amazing work sheet says to use a petri dish, you can just use a wide enough bowl or a deep enough plate really so it can be done at home with sweets, water and crockery. Add in Innovative Education’s idea of trying different sweets like smarties or M&Ms and you can introduce fair testing and predictions into the game. Don’t forget to ask the all important questions of:

  • What is going to happen to the sweets in water?
  • What will happen when they meet? What will the end result be?
  • Will colours mix? Stay separate? Why?

This would be perfect as a lesson starter, as a STEM activity or introduction to diffusion at home. And with the left over sweets you can either eat them or create a density rainbow!


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