STEM – Eyeball Dissections

Using the above two links, a worksheet was created that very simply laid out the main parts of an eyeball dissection and had a diagram to label with helpful definitions of everything. The definitions really helped the STEM session, and figuring out which part of the real eyeball was which.

That’s one of the big problems with running a STEM Club – everyone there is starting from a different page and you have to get them all to the same starting point without being too simple or too difficult.

And eyeball dissections are so simple to do, too (once you hack your way into the eyeball!) and easy to get hold of for an entire class of students. Eyeballs aren’t quite as icky as hearts or kidneys either! We then went one step further when someone suggested we cut up a lens!

I’d never thought of cutting up a lens and was incredibly surprised at the contents!

2014-11-11 15.22.54 2014-11-11 15.29.55 2014-11-11 15.35.07


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