Candy Chemistry Experiments | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

Candy Chemistry Experiments | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science.

Okay, there may a slight addiction to sweets here (well, after testing and experimenting someone has to eat the spare sweets!) so when someone in a STEM session (after the Skittles experiment) mentioned about Gummy bears in water, it deserved a google search.

We’re currently planning a STEM session on osmosis with blackcurrant squash and potatoes – I tried it the other week and the results were really good and incredibly visual as each potato chip comes out purple in differing shades depending on concentration. The photos didn’t come out too good, unfortunately. But we’re not sure of how long it will take during the hour long session so we wondered if Growing Gummy Bears would be a fun little add on.

There were multiple google hits, but good old Steve Spangler has the best, most scientific explanations so I thought we’d take it from there. Although, from other google hits, I did get the idea to test different liquids rather than just salt and sugar water. I wonder if a white Gummy Bear would go purple in blackcurrant squash?

I can’t wait to try out some different solutions with Gummy Bears. Maybe other sweets, too.


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