Glow Eggs ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Glowing Eggs, or Mystical Universe?

Glow Eggs ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose.

I’m always on the look out for fun things to do during or near to holidays. We always do something with iron filings for sparklers near Bonfire Night. We have a make your own copper wire Christmas Tree Buzzer game and Santa Sleigh fun experiments at Christmas.

How about Easter?

Well, Easter is all about the eggs, right? I think we’ve used STEM sessions to dye eggs with natural dyes and then we’ve done standard, run of the mill, egg drop sessions where you have to build a crash mat or parachute. What else can you do with eggs in science?

Apparently, make them glow in the dark! Growing a Jeweled Rose has done it and the photos on their blog are so gorgeous (I’m a sucker for anything “pretty”). They used fluorescent or glow in the dark paint (which I’m sure we have), water and vinegar. That was how they made their dye which could then theoretically be used on anything, but I’d keep for an Easter trial!

This is another fun science experiment that can easily be done at home, too.



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