Energy Infographics by Alstom

Energy Infographics by Alstom.

A science resource of different infographics – searchable by keyword, English or French and by time period uploaded. It includes infographics on tidal power, solar power, renewable energy and hydropower plus more.

Very useful for Energy modules.


Wall-Size Periodic Table | Stark Science

Wall-Size Periodic Table | Stark Science.

When I first got sent this link, I thought it meant just a large periodic table, but no! This link gives you the tools to print your own WALL size periodic table – each element is printed on one page of A4 and all of the files you need to create it are available on the link.

There’s even a two elements to a page document if you don’t have a very big wall.

I desperately want to see classroom walls covered in this now!

These could even be used as project prompts or for display boards.