Eggshell Geodes

Eggshell Geodes - Instructographic

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This would be really nice as part of the right geography/geology/earth science unit and maybe as an Easter fun session. I really like the try this idea of different types of salts and sugars. Could you add a different colour half way through the week? Would it all mix or one just grow on top of the other?


The Chemistry of The Colours of Blood | Compound Interest

The Chemistry of The Colours of Blood | Compound Interest.

Okay, I’m officially in love with this website! I refuse to go back further in their history though as I think I will just blog it all! Haha! This link though is all about blood colour. As with the last post, I love the poster image they have and can see that being on display either at Halloween (as they’ve suggested) or simply at any time of year!

I’d like to see violet blood!