Energy Infographics by Alstom

Energy Infographics by Alstom.

A science resource of different infographics – searchable by keyword, English or French and by time period uploaded. It includes infographics on tidal power, solar power, renewable energy and hydropower plus more.

Very useful for Energy modules.


BBC News – Wind farms outstrip nuclear power

BBC News – Wind farms outstrip nuclear power.

And finally on this collection of resources is a BBC news story from earlier in 2014 that shows when wind famrs outstripped nuclear power. The story does make it clear that 8 of the UK’s nuclear reactors were offline at the time, but it’s still an interesting article. I am playing with making it a literacy resource, as a laminated article and skim and scan questions at the bottom.

Simple Real Time Energy Production data

Live Wind Power.

This is a related site to that of the more famous gridwatch website that also uses real time data from the national grid and shows it in graph form. I’ve used this as a starter activity just to get discussion moving on renewable vs non-renewable energy. If you want to get into more detailed discussion, you can direct your students to gridwatch (see next blog post).