E is for Explore!: Red Bull and Milk Reaction

E is for Explore!: Red Bull and Milk Reaction.

What happens when you add Red Bull to milk in a 1:1 ratio?

What about vinegar and milk in the same ratio?

Change the type of milk from whole, to semi, to skimmed!

Why does any of this happen?

This simple, quick and clean demonstration is perfect for an introduction to States of Matter, to get brains thinking on an Open Evening or as a mini experiment for a STEM session.

Definitely one to try out! And easily performed and explained at home.


Melting Ice Experiment – Inspiration Laboratories

Melting Ice Experiment – Inspiration Laboratories.

Icy Surfaces

I remember seeing a video about melting ice on metal and wood blocks years ago and being simply amazed, and I love the next step that Inspiration Laboratories takes on it. Especially with a Wintery slant.

This would be so achievable in a STEM session, or fun end of term lesson, especially if you then took the worst surface and added salt, rock salt, other harmless white chemical and then compared with surfaces. For example, if metal is the best, can a chemical on a wooden surface make it better than metal?

Could you find enough stones, or a house brick, a paving slab, something akin to tarmac and test “outdoor” surfaces?

Particles in Motion – National STEM Centre

Particles in Motion – National STEM Centre.

This is a collection of interactive materials that was published by the Royal Society of Chemistry a few years ago. You will have to register with the National Stem Centre (but you should do this anyway as there are many more resources available on here!)

It’s just under 400MB file so will take a little while to download. You will then have to unzip the file and run through your PC (you may need a bit of IT support to get it working). It’s proved so popular at our school, we have installed it onto every teachers PC so it can be projected onto their IWB.

It comprises animations, slideshows and videos on the following topics:
States of Matter
Kinetic Theory
Fractional Distillation