Zooniverse – Real Science Online

Zooniverse – Real Science Online.

Citizen Science! A whole collection of collective science experiments to take part in. From astrology, to climate and humanities, to nature and biology, help science track genetic mysteries, spy on penguins, explore the ocean floor, discover Near-Earth Asteroids and explore the red planet. These aren’t games, but real science that you can be a part of as long as you have a computer!


Taking part in the survey | Natural History Museum

Taking part in the survey | Natural History Museum.

Citizen Science! This is how children (or adults) can take part in a collective science experiment. With all of our local coastline, this seaweed identification might be really handy. Plus, it’s a constant collective — you can join and add at any point (at the moment anyway). There is an identification guide and a recording form that can be downloaded and then all you have to do is go on a walk and look out for the 12 seaweed types!