Circulatory System Lesson

Heart Pumping Model

Circulatory System Lesson. / How to Make a Human Heart

I found this a while ago, but still haven’t got around to trying it out. The picture looks like it should be a really good heart model, and if it means that we don’t have to use any of our budget to buy a working heart model, well it must be good. Right?

The equipment is all stuff that you can easily find at home (recyclable material, too) so also easy that you could save enough to get a whole class or STEM group to do. And, of course, there’s the option of doing it at home just for fun or extra credit work.

This is one we need to try in the summer!


Giant Furry Microbes!

2014-11-12 09.00.46 2014-11-12 09.01.35

Technically not just microbes, but look who’s come to join us in the department!

I used to work in a microbiology department of a hospital and we (well, the lab) had one Giant Furry Microbe. I couldn’t even tell you now which one it was, but they were quite difficult to get hold of all those years ago. Now, with an online UK shop, they’re easy to buy. Here they are divided into human cells and bacteria, virus and fungus cells.

I think my favourite is the antibody followed by the sperm (just because of the cute little bow). Now to use them in lessons!