8 Water Tricks That’ll Melt Your Mind – YouTube

8 Water Tricks That’ll Melt Your Mind – YouTube.

Water illusion – turn the arrows the other way with only a glass and water. What happens?

Pepper Trick – trough and water with pepper scattered on the surface, pop your finger in it and then a soapy finger! What happens?

Water and JD – shot of water on top of shot of JD, separated by a credit card. Introduce a small gap between the two glasses. What happens?

Fireproof balloon – balloon filled with water on a candle flame. What happens?

Laser Trick – point a laser through a bottle filled with water. What happens? Put a small hole in the bottle and let the water leak out, point the laser through the hole. What happens?

Glowing Water – using tonic water, what happens when you put a UV light on it and turn off the lights?

Water Suspension – bottle, some screen around the top and held in place by an elastic band, fill it with water. Turn upside down – What happens? Now put cocktail sticks in it (still upside down) – What happens?

Instant freeze – put a bottle of pure, distilled water in the freezer and wait for it to reach 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Bang the cold bottle of water on the table. What happens? With a repeated bottle, pour it out onto an ice cube. What happens?

If you don’t want to try them, watch the video!

I saw the instant freeze on a science show a while ago (with beer not water) and really wanted to know how I could use it in a school environment. I finally have the answer!!!! Now to try all of these!


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